Gorey Regional Water Supply Scheme

This project involved the Laying of 36 km of Watermain Pipelines in Gorey, Co. Wexford. Works included:

  • Laying of 12.45km Ductile Iron Pipelines (600mm – 350mm)
  • Laying of 23.85km HPPE Pipelines (630 mm – 180 mm)
  • Construction of 10 No. PRV Chambers
  • Connection to Existing Reservoir
  • Connections to Existing Pipeline
  • Excavation and Disposal of Contaminated Coal Tar — approximately 4522 tonnes of material were removed from site and disposed of by a licensed contractor.
  • Directional Drilling of Pipelines Under Large Rivers
  • Tarmac Reinstatement of All Roads on Completion
  • Landscaping
  • Continuous Traffic Management
  • Client Wexford County Council
  • Location Ireland