N86 Annascaul to Gortbreagoge Road Improvement Scheme

The N86 Anascaul to Gortbreagoge scheme consisted of the construction of approximately 4.2km of single carriageway roadway, with a combined cycleway/pedestrian facility on each side. The scheme primarily involved on-line widening of the existing road with a 500m section of off-line construction also necessary.

The works included :

  • Construction of 4.2km of Type 3 Single Carriageway road with a combined cycleway/pedestrian facility on each side.
  • Construction of 5 No. Simple Priority Junctions.
  • Widening/rehabilitation of 3 No. Existing structures (2 no. watercourse crossings and 1 no. stock underpass).
  • 5000 gallon sewage holding tank with gravity feed and pump takeoff.
  • Various pavement works
  • Replacement/widening of existing culverts and design and construction of new culverts.
  • Construction of various road drainage systems.
  • Demolition of 3 no. structures.
  • Construction of various earthworks, various ducting and chambers.
  • Construction of various fencing and safety barrier, various signage, road markings and Public Lighting.
  • Landscaping
  • Construction of Traffic Calming works
  • Construction of kerbing and footpaths
  • Client Kerry County Council
  • Location Co. Kerry