Cloghboola Windfarm

This Project involved the construction of the foundations for 8 no. wind turbines. Works Included:

  • The management of the site during all procedures involved in the construction of the 8 wind turbine bases in an environmentally sensitive location.
  • The construction of 3 no. 19 meter diameter concrete bases each consisting of 60 tonne reinforcement steel and 655m3 concrete (shallow with buoyancy foundations)
  • The construction of 5 no. 16.4m diameter concrete bases each consisting of 55 tonne reinforcement steel and 485m3 concrete on piled foundations (deep foundations with buoyancy).
  • The installation of ducting for cabling to the base and attached earthing as per the specification.
  • The backfilling and reinstatement of vegetation around all bases
  • Liaising with Turbine Supply Contractor and the Distribution Network Operator and their sub-contractors.

The output of this windfarm was 24MW upon completion.

  • Client Enercon GmbH
  • Location Co. Kerry
  • Completed Dec-14