This project involved the design and construction of all Civil Balence of Plant works for a 2 turbine wind farm in Co. Cork.  Works included associated turbine foundations and hardstanding areas; new site entrance; internal site tracks; off-site public road improvements; substation and control building; new underground grid connection duct route to Charleville 110kV Substation; wind farm network electrical and communications cabling; and other ancillary works.

Site Preparation and Off-Site Works
This phase of construction comprised of clearance of any areas required to access the proposed site compound areas. Site entrance works and public road modifications to make safe access and egress to site were alsdo undertaken during this phase. Site preparation works involved the site set up of the following items:

  • Site offices and meeting rooms;
  • Site welfare facilities (canteen, toilets, waste disposal, etc.);
  • Compound for the storage of all on site machinery and materials;
  • Car-parking for site staff and visitors;
  • Permanent/temporary fencing, site signage and safety boards; and
  • Site security.

Site Infrastructure/Balance of Plant (BoP) Works
This phase comprised of the construction of civil and electrical infrastructural works associated with the project. This included civil and structural works in the form of site tracks, hardstanding areas, 2 no. turbine foundations, control buildings, substation compounds and other associated infrastructure. The trenching and installation of the wind farm networks cabling was carried out during this phase, along with the electrical installation in the control buildings and substation compounds. Off-site works were undertaken on public roads during this phase in order to facilitate the delivery of abnormal loads and turbine components to site.

Turbine Supply Works
This phase ran concurrently with the latter stages of Phase 3 (described above). Turbine components were delivered to the site and erected and commissioned by the Turbine Supplier and their sub-contractors.

Electrical Grid Connection
The wind farm was connected to the distribution network via an approximately 5.5km 20kV underground cable to the Charleville Substation. NRS Group were required to complete ducting and joint pits along the grid route. The grid connection required interface between the ESBN and PSDP to ensure all requirements were reached.
The substation and control building were built by NRS Group.

  • Client B&R Wind Ltd
  • Location Co. Cork