This project involved the full demolition of an existing structure and the construction of a new retail store in Glanmire Town, Co. Cork. Works included; 

  1. Site set up and clearance
  2. Removal of asbestos elements as identified in the asbestos report
  3. Demolition of an existing abandoned building
  4. Site clearance works
  5. Construction of Piled foundations (Installation of 137 concrete precast driven piles with an average depth of 11 metres)
  6. Installation of perimeter railings
  7. Surfacing works
  8. New landscaping
  9. Installation of Attenuation Tank

The construction of the new two story store included:

  • Staff canteen / welfare area
  • Freezer store & Bakery
  • Entrance POD, Glazing and window installation
  • Customer welfare facilities
  • Loading bay
  • Installation of Lift
  • Shop floor
  • Installation of timber roof beams
  • Mechanical and Electrical Installations (including a plant room)
  • Plastering, Stone Cladding installation & painting
  • Client Lidl Ireland
  • Location Co. Cork