This project involved the construction of a steel portal frame warehouse unit and office block.

The walls and roof consisted of insulated Kingspan panels fixed to purlins fixed to the steel structure. Internally within the warehouse were a series of rooms formed by insulated panels. There was an attached 2 storey office area to the south east of the building which consisted of a steel structure, green roof and insulated panels/glazing to the façade.

External works included retaining walls, truck lading bays and attenuation tanks. A new car park was constructed which is accessed from the existing keeling’s premises. A new access road was also constructed to connect the unit to the main estate road. There was an existing watermain passing along the southern boundary of the site which had a wayleave 8m either side and which required to be ‘bridged’ to allow for the construction of the access road.

Works Included:

  • Site Preparation.
  • Excavation to foundation level and clearance of the site.
  • Construction of foundations
  • Structural Steelwork
  • Construction of mezzanine level
  • All roofing and cladding
  • Mechanical and Electrical Installations
  • Installation of specialised processing equipment and conveyors.
  • Lift Installation
  • Refrigeration equipment installation
  • Office construction and fit out
  • Painting and decorating 

External Works included

  • Construction of a pump house
  • Construction of an access road, car park (69 spaces), concrete trafficked areas, footpaths and loading areas
  • Installation of all site services (telecoms, electrical, water, gas, foul sewer)
  • Installation of a rainwater harvesting system
  • Installation of a new watermain
  • Installation of all external site lighting.
  • Landscaping.

The works included all landscaping, kerbs, hard and permeable surfaces, footpaths, railings and soft landscaping. All services (water, gas, telecoms, electrical) were installed by the NRS Group.

Works took place in FoodCentral, Ireland’s National Food Park beside Dublin Airport. The businesses in the food park encompass a range of growing, food related processing and packing, foodservice and logistics operations. Works took place in a busy food park environment, requiring constant communication with neighbouring businesses.

  • Client Keelings Retail
  • Location Co. Dublin