Lidl Claremorris

NRS recently completed the construction of a new 2268m2 retail store for Lidl Ireland on a greenfield site in Claremorris, Co. Mayo. The works involved the construction of a new store, site development works, diversion of existing utilities, re-configuration of the N60 to allow for vehicle and pedestrian access to the site and all landscaping.

The construction of the store involved the installation of solar panels on the roof and car charging points.

Works also involved the installation of a DRS Unit (reverse vending machine), the second of its kind introduced to Lidl stores, which will enable customers to deposit used plastic beverage bottles and aluminium cans in return for money-back vouchers redeemable in-store.

An access road for future development adjacent to the new store was also constructed.

The construction of this store in the time frame achieved would not have been possible without the great work of our site team, our dedicated subcontractors and supply chain.